Love Story...

Agape stands for “the highest form of love; unconditional love”.

Agape is a term used in the New Testament and refers to a love not of emotions or feelings but of the will and of choice. This type of love can be defined as the steady intention of the will to another’s highest good.

Our mission with our clothing brand is to inspire people to spread agape (love). Collectively as a people, we need to banish any form of hate and promote agape (love) together. Our designs are spiritual, inspirational and motivational in nature for everyone to wear. Each design has a unique story behind it, all representing agape.

Agape came into my life at 3 weeks old. My grandmother raised me since I was a baby and taught me some valuable lessons. Her sayings became my guiding light during my most troubled times. Also, her words got me to value and encourage the good times. She was (is) a great woman. So, I thought I would share my teachings with the world. Maybe we could help someone in need of… Love (Agape).

Peace and Agape = One love.

This company is dedicated to the smartest, warmest, honest, inspirational and spiritual woman I ever met. She taught me the true definition of agape.

Thank you Good Gracious.